Wondering How to Become a Travel Nurse?

Wondering How to Become a Travel Nurse?

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Wondering How to Become a Travel Nurse?

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Are you a Nurse or Allied Healthcare Specialist that is wondering how you become a Traveler and how to get started? At Wellspring Nurse Source we get a number of calls and answer a lot of questions around the process involved in transitioning into a Traveler role.

The first step is making sure that you have the right background and experience. Most facilities require 2 years of overall experience, and 1 year of recent experience in the specialty for which you are applying… and we stress the word recent. When you are a Traveler, facilities expect that you will be able to hit the ground running so recent experience is critical.

The other piece of the puzzle that is often missed, is really thinking about your personality and how you naturally deal with things to see if Travel Nursing is going to be a natural match for you or a stretch goal. As a Traveler, you are expected to get up to speed quickly. The facilities that need Travelers the most are brand new, short staffed, or going through some major changes. You need to be flexible, willing to help where needed, and able to quickly adapt to a new environment.

As we’ve worked with Travelers over the years, we’ve come to realize that there are some common traits amongst the most successful Travelers.  We are happy to share that we have just released a quick and easy self-assessment to help you figure out where you fall on the scale and how many of these traits are natural tendencies for you.

Here’s the link!

Please note – your score is not an indicator of whether you will be a good Traveler or not.  Our goal is to help make you aware of any areas where you may need to be prepared to move out of your comfort zone.  We want to help you on your path as you successfully transition into Travel Nursing!